So, you want to make money online, quit that day job, and have the freedom to live the way you’ve always dreamed? Good! Once you’ve consciously made that decision and have the determination to make it happen you need to get started. Its important not to keep waiting for the perfect time or circumstances to begin your online business, or blog, or whatever it may be.

A lot of time is lost by new online marketers because they run into so many pitfalls and dead ends with marketing gimmicks and trends that just don’t really serve their purpose. But if you want to get started and make money as quickly as possible online, here are six important steps to start creating that online income.

Create a Website

One of the first things you should do is create a basic website. When just starting off, don’t invest too much time and resources into making it fancy and perfect. That will come with time. At first you want your website to be presentable but you mostly want it to serve its function as a landing page in your sales funnel.

WordPress makes it easy to set up a basic website and get started. Install a good theme, create some basic pages, install important plugins, and move on to creating content.

Technically this could be done as a later step if you were more focused on creating video content. But even if that were the case, your website is where you want to direct your viewers back to. So, I always recommend starting off with website creation.

Start Your Email List from Day One

Now, you may not be having any traffic to your site just yet, but its best to get your email list set up on your website so that you can start collecting email addresses once the visitors do start coming in. You want to be ready.

There are several email responder services available today. I personally use AWeber for all my email list needs. Once you have a service, add email optin boxes to your website. I like to have one in the top of the sidebar, one on the Home Page feature box, and an optin at the bottom of articles. I usually offer some sort of free ebook or related material for people to receive if they optin to the email list.

One huge mistake a lot of people make when trying to make money online is that they don’t start building their email list from the very start. This email list is going to convert into big money for you later so don’t ignore this step!

Write Some Core Articles

Its important to start creating valuable content for your website. This is what will start attracting viewers and traffic. Lifeblood of your business! I would recommend writing at least 10 core articles for your website. Try to write your articles longer if possible (1000 words or more) and optimize them for search engine optimization.

These articles may seem like a lot of work, but they will pay off tremendously as you can rehash the content into various formats later on.

Create Videos from Your Articles

One of the most efficient ways of creating new content is to reuse what you have already created. Turn each of your ten Core articles into a video and upload them to Youtube. Now you have 10 unique articles and 10 unique videos.

On each Youtube video, offer the link back to your original article on that particular topic. This will attract viewers back to your website and into your sales funnel.

Advertise with Social Media

Social media can be a very helpful tool in getting your message out and advertising your content. Paid Ads work very well when done right, but for starters we’re just talking about using free social media options. Pick one or two social media platforms that work well for your business and stick to those.

Each time you publish a new article or video, post it to social media. Things will start slow so don’t expect hundreds of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ at the beginning.

Create and Offer Your First Digital Product for Sale

You can have all the previous steps done to perfection, but if you don’t have anything to sell then you probably won’t be making any money. You don’t need to offer something for sale right away. In fact, I don’t really recommend it. But once you’ve built up a small audience you can start getting an idea of what they might be interested in buying from you. This can be really fun. I actually enjoy product creation more than anything. And of course, you get paid from all your hard work in the end when you sell it.

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If you’re just starting out in online marketing, or even if you’re experienced, I think you will find these steps helpful in saving time and getting your online business pumping. With most things, its best to keep things simple. And this simple strategy works time and time again for internet marketers. Its about building quality content, directing them into your email list and sales funnel, and then making profits with your products.

If this article was helpful or if you want to leave some feedback, leave a comment down below. I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve had success with these strategies as well.

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