If you’ve been involved with internet marketing for at least a while, you will notice that the majority of successful internet entrepreneurs don’t make their main profits off selling affiliate products. These marketers have discovered the key to higher success by instead creating and selling their own products.

Here are four of the best reasons to have your own products and stop trying to make your money from selling affiliate products for other people.

Less Profit for You

If you sell an affiliate product for someone else you are only reaping a percentage of that sale’s profit. Many affiliate products can dole out up to 50% of the product cost to the affiliate but this is on the highest end of the spectrum.

If your goal is to be an authority in your market then there is probably not a good reason to continue selling affiliate products for someone else. You should create and sell your own. That way you can take in 100% of the profit from each sale.

You Gain Less Authority

Selling other people’s products doesn’t show your full potential and shows a lack of authority in your market or specialty. You don’t even have to be the best at what you do, but having your own products will create a deeper sense of connection with you and your customers and will elevate your authority.

Having the confidence to put together and offer your own products will cause your audience to view you more as an authority figure and they will be more willing to invest. It also creates a higher level of trust and value for you and your products.

You Should Be the One with the Affiliates

Not only can you make 100% of the sales profit when you sell your own product, but you can also make extra profits from having your own affiliates sell them for you. You can set the percentage that your affiliates receive from each sale. You aren’t getting all the money when they sell for you, but these are extra sales that you would otherwise not be getting if they weren’t selling for you.

There are several easy ways to set up an affiliate program these days for your products. Don’t rely solely on your own avenues of advertising when you can employ others to do a lot of the hard work for you.

It might seem like this is a hypocritical recommendation when I say to not sell affiliate products but its okay to have your own affiliate network. Really, this is just a smart business decision that will set you apart from the crowd and will bring you the success that you really want.

Your Own Products Can Be Tailor Made to Your Audience

Affiliate products usually fall within the general category of what someone’s market is. This can work to a certain extent. However, the real success comes when you tailor make a product for your specific niche market.

As an authority figure, business, or some kind of expert, you are constantly receiving feedback and questions from your audience. This conversation and feedback is one of the most valuable resources that you have for creating successful products.

You can raise the bar with your own products over all the other affiliate products by listening to your own audience and determining what they want and need. Then you can tailor make a product to answer their specific questions and help them in their specific areas of need. This provides massive value over a generalized affiliate product that was not tailor made for your people.

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