A huge part of internet marketing is about content creation. And as they say, “Content is King.” You need to create valuable content for your audience to grow. You want to attract visitors and then earn their trust and respect with your content. Getting your content seen by as many people as possible is important for this growth. I’m going to give you my strategy for creating 5 pieces of quality content out of just one blog post. This content creation strategy will save you a ton of time! And it will promote your most valuable content to five more places than if it were just on your blog.

To begin, write an article to publish on your website (blog post). This is the foundation piece of content you will need to proceed with this strategy.

Now let’s start converting that article into new pieces of original content that we can publish and promote around the web.


The most effective conversion that you can do with your written content is to turn it into video. Simply create a video following the same topic and outline of your article. You can add and subtract from it as you like, and even throw in some extra commentary if you want to.

Youtube is actually the second largest search engine behind Google. You want to tap into this source of traffic as much as possible. You can definitely upload your videos to other video sites like Vimeo, but I highly recommend you focus on Youtube for the best results.

You can potentially rank your article and your Youtube video in Google. This will show your content in the search results twice! Your Youtube video will also have a thumbnail which draws a significant percentage of views from Google.

Don’t forget to add some video SEO and a link directed back to your website or landing page and you’re golden!


Audio is even easier to create than video and should be an easy option for converting written content. You can simply just read your article verbatim into your microphone and record it to your computer.

You can create an audio file and upload it to iTunes or any other podcasting site. Audio files can also be attached to your blog posts for those who prefer not to read but listen. Many people don’t always have the time to read a whole article and prefer to listen to an audio version on their mobile device while driving.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to promote your content. Every time you create a new article, video, or podcast post it to your social media pages. You can also create a new piece of content for social media too. I like to make pictures, info graphics, or memes related to my article and post them to Facebook and Pinterest.

People enjoy visuals. Create a visual related to your article, post to social media, and then provide links back to your website and landing pages. Having more social media posts also cues the Google algorithm to rank your pages higher. They like to see that you’re active in the social media area.

PDF Files

Converting your articles into a PDF format can be the easiest method of content creation. You won’t be re-posting the actual text of the article online so you don’t have to worry about a duplicate content penalty by Google either.

You can upload PDF files to various websites and directories online. I like to bundle my articles as PDF files and then offer them for download at the end of my blog posts in exchange for signing up to my email newsletter. You can also offer your social media image in PDF format as a bonus download in this case. There are many options.

You can also bundle a selection of your articles and turn them into an eBook for download. Of course, your eBook can be spread throughout the internet as well. If you offer the eBook as a free download, be sure to include lots of links back to your website and landing pages.


Converting your content into a webinar can be more work, but it can pay off for you significantly if done right. Webinars tend to run at least half an hour though so you may need to combine several pieces of content to cover that time frame.

In your webinar, speak on the topics covered in your article(s). This can be a live event or you can pre-record it and host it as an evergreen webinar.

When its done you’ll have hosted a webinar event and you’ll have another unique video and audio recording that you can upload.


Having more content is always a good idea, but sometimes its best to rehash the excellent content that you’ve already created. It can be very difficult to write on a new topic every day. With this method you don’t have to.

This method also works if you’re starting off with any of the other formats. For example, if you are mainly a video creator you can start off with a video and then turn that video into a written article, and so on.

I hope this information helps you to create more valuable content and save time. Please leave your comments down below and let me know of a conversion format that you like to use with your content.

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