About Alex

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My name is Alex Sumerall.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a lot like me. I’ve always had big dreams and wanted to do great things with my life. I strive to live my life to the fullest, make positive change in the world, and to help people to achieve their own dreams.

Business is about reaching out and interacting with people. So, knowing how to connect with others is core to growing your business and achieving success.

I break down the complexities of marketing your business online and I teach you how to get more leads, more conversions, and more sales. I keep it real and practical, with none of the distractions.

Learn how to turn your life’s greatest passions into your own profitable business.

Achieving your goals in business and in life is a journey of self-discovery. Continue reading to find out how I achieved my goals, where I’m going, and how I can help YOU succeed.

One of the things I value the most in life is FREEDOM.

I always knew that I didn’t want to work for somebody else. I needed to have freedom to live my life the way that I wanted, and to do what I loved doing.

When you do what you love for a living then its not really like working. You can wake up every morning and enjoy what you do without the stress of just doing what you’re told.

Being your own boss gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose when you work and where you work from. (I happen to like working at my home office. The only commute I have to make is down my stairs.)

I enjoy each and every day of work now because I have achieved the freedom that I always wanted and I am on my own personal mission in life. When you do what you love doing, everything else in life that you want always seems to gravitate toward you, whether that’s finances, relationships, happiness, or new opportunities.

Where I came from

Like most people, I was just following through the motions.

I was in college so that I could get a “good job”, but I didn’t have any passion for what I was doing. It was really just about survival. I considered a variety of different majors to specialize in, but I eventually decided to get a degree in accounting. I thought that if I could graduate with my degree in accounting then I could be successful.

The reality of how bleak an existence this would have been quickly dawned on me though while I was in my junior year of studies. I knew I needed to find another way!

Long story short here though, I started teaching myself internet marketing and how to make money on the internet.

I had always been computer and internet savvy so the technical side of it all came quite naturally. (I programmed my first website in HTML when I was 12.)

But I soon learned that there was more to online marketing than just building websites. So, I started cramming my brain as fast as I could with every related topic: SEO, marketing psychology, copywriting, analytics, building lists, etc.

And I loved it!

Putting together all of these skills was fun and interesting. But I really loved it because it was my way to freedom!

I realized that the internet was THE way to build and grow a successful business.

So, I earned my accounting degree after 5 years of college, but I went straight into the online advertising industry. (I never even used my accounting degree for anything)

Working for some of the top ad agencies in Atlanta let me put my skills to work and taught me a lot more.

I worked at the agencies for a few years after college, but I knew that wasn’t really what I wanted. I still didn’t have my freedom. I needed to do my own thing.

And so, like many new entrepreneurs do, I burned the boats!

There was no going back at this point. I quit my fancy job in Atlanta with only $2000 in my bank account, moved to the backwoods of Tennessee, and started my own business using my skills.

Despite living out of my car or on friends’ couches for over 6 months, I eventually got things up and running and turned it into a successful and fun business. Leaving my old life behind and starting my own business was the best decision I could have ever made!

And I devote all of my success to being able to successfully market online.

I believe that if you have a business, you NEED to be successfully marketing on the internet or you’re severely missing out. Its crucial that you have a real presence online to reach the people in your market.

Join me, and let me help YOU get results.

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